Local Attractions

Restaurants, bars, supermarkets, banks and interesting places to visit … everything is within reach, just a few minutes away! It is a popular area very close to the train station, well served by public transport and just minutes from the most beautiful places to visit.

Campo Santa Margherita is located in Venice, just in the center of the district of Dorso Duro and is one of the liveliest corners of the city. In Campo Santa Margherita are concentrated many clubs that are frequented both in winter and in the summer thanks to the tables placed outside bars, pubs, restaurants and pizzerias. In Campo Santa Margherita you can still see the Venetians intent on their daily lives, but also watch the children playing in the afternoon and on Sundays. Campo Santa Margherita is one of the larger open places in Venice after St. Mark’s Square and Campo S. Polo. This square is celebrated for its night life. Here is consumed spritz (a local drink) during happy hour and beyond. For this reason Campo Santa Margherita, (along with Campo S. Giacometto at Rialto), is the favorite place in Venice for young people but also for many tourists that enjoy the friendly atmosphere of this square.

At the center of the square is located an isolated building, the Scuola dei Varoteri (which was the seat of the tanners since 1725). On the facade you see a beautiful tabernacle, “The Virgin adored by brother on her knees”, (1501). Near it is open in the morning (from Tuesday to Saturday) the fish market of Campo Santa Margherita. In front of it are some notable houses dating from the Gothic period. At the end of Campo Santa Margherita is situated the Church of Santa Maria del Carmelo also called “dei Carmini”, which was built in 1286 but retains some nice outside paterae in Venetian-Byzantine style. Inside you can see a cycle of 24 paintings (12 per side) called “Episodes of the Carmelite Order”. Next to the church is the Scuola di Santa Maria del Carmine (opening hours: 11 am to 4 pm, admission € 5.00, tel. +39 041 5289420) that was built in a Classical style designed by Longhena between 1668 and 1670. Inside the Scuola there are some beautiful series of paintings made by Giambattista Tiepolo.


Look at the map below to know a small selection of restaurants, bars, shops and historical places in the neighborhood!